Our international team of digital engineers will build and deliver you an effective piece of software just how you want it. By working closely together, the understanding of your business needs and the success of the protype, the team at Nano Corporation will create a realistic product.

design thinking

True success is not a project, but a journey

It comes natural to us, we can either take a project off somebody’s hands or start from fresh; but in every project we see improvements and develop all features precisely for your business needs.

Whether you want to execute your digital goals, building a software or a product we can support you in developing it yourself. You might not have the time, space or resources, that’s where we can step in, being apart of your team but not necessarily in-house.

project qualification

Empower your dreams with deadlines

We will give you our expected timeframe, keep to it and deliver nothing but the best that will empower your business processes. How fast we complete the project will depend on the size and processes used.

We will gather your honest feedback and provide support weekly to further improve your usage; this ensures that it focuses and qualifies to your business needs. After final creation, we can then move onto the ‘Optimise’ stage.


What if…

I give the whole digital project to Nano Corporation

The world is in your hands

You understand your business challenges and we the software, and that’s how it’ll stay. Don’t worry about any technical details, we’ll handle all of that and can present it in more simpler terms. As a reliable partner, we will deliver and support you weekly on time and in budget.

By explaining your needs, we can design the right system for you, implement it into your daily work and support it whenever you need. Be at ease knowing we’ll take control of the digital solution, creating the magic whilst you focus on the business. The team will let you know the plan, how much it will cost and how long it will take to move on to the ‘Create’ stage.

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I want to merge your digital engineers with ours

Collaboration is key…

You might be steps away from completing a project but don’t have the time or resources. Whatever your reason, if you need some additional expertise, we can help. Consider us apart of your in-house team: we will plan and manage your project together but more importantly keeping your costs at a minimum. After years of experience our collaboration and communications skills have improved more than ever with our clients.

Thanks to flexibility, you can have an international professional team at hand only and when you need it, in-house or out-house. Previous clients have said teamwork is simply more effective and together communication sharply delivers a project to its completion, successfully.

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My team needs a new enterprise application

You need it, we’ll build it

Know exactly what you want - we can engineer your software to be a high-performance engine, helping your business move forwards more efficiently. Knowing that everyday your system much be responsive and connecting with all departments, we ensure its scalable, flexible and grows to respond to challenges.

What do you want your software to do? Good software begins with a good plan entailing exactly how it will help run the business. By communicating with key stakeholders during our Discover stage, we can ensure project success. Once a detailed plan and prototype test is in place, you’ll be more than confident in the software build by Nano Corporation.

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My system is outdated, and I want to replace it

Out with the old, in with the new

Keeping an existing but old application, website or system may cause you some unexpected faults or problems. Supporting the system causes bills to get higher and the code becomes more complex and harder to understand. Replacing an existing system can become expensive and risky – This is where Nano Corporation step in.

Our team has more than enough experience dealing with new, old or existing systems for global and international companies. Don’t worry, we will figure out all the loose strings of the old solution and where best to spend your investments, maximising your return investments as a business.

After planning and looking at the overall picture, your new digital solution will in turn cost less, maintenance is less but your business processes will be improved more.

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I need somebody to pick up a failed project

Let us put the pieces of the puzzle together

Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Starting anything new and this important can be worrying, so make sure you start it the right way. Don’t worry, our team of engineers will understand and see the faults, work on them and better them. It comes natural to us, we can either take a project off somebody’s hands or start from fresh; but in every project we see improvements and develop all features precisely for your business needs. The project is all wrapped up, we have the plan and we’re ready to go.

Working with one another, it will give us time to be aware of anything that might block us, meaning when starting the project, it will run smoothly and continuous. So, whatever the challenge, there will always be an efficient solution and can be implemented effectively.

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the next step

What works, we’ll optimise

Once understanding key problems, we’ll suggest new ways of improving methods and internal operations to meet business goals.

let’s connnect

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