Take the first solid step on your digital journey using engaging solutions with Nano Corporation. By understanding your objectives, aims and business processes, we can support any current ideas and discuss together ways of delivering a better project – costing less and helping you achieve more

We do this across three

Digital Innovation

By doing competitor research, perceptual mapping and creating a lean canvas, we’ll grasp a better digital understanding for your market.

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Product Qualification

Through collecting user feedback, testing prototypes, attending steering groups and presenting pitch decks, we’ll know what’s important.

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Product Roadmap

Highlighting the feature prioritisation, completing a fishbone analysis, identifying the MVP and MMP will make clear what will work and how

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#1 digital innovation

Dreams don't come true, goals do

Our Digital Innovation workshop entails a discussion with key stakeholders to understand high level business goals, end user requirements, and the potential for the right technology stack to support the synergy between them - giving us a more complete perspective on the current situation.

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#2 product qualification

We learn from failure, not from success

It’s all well having an idea, but will it work? During our in-depth discussions, together we will figure out if the idea is realistic – Product Qualification. We will undergo performance and quality assurance tests so both you and our team are sure the product meets qualification criteria, regulations and specifications.

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#3 product roadmap

Without a map, where do you go?

Then, our team will work with you to map the findings from our Digital Innovation workshop and Product Qualification into Epics and Stories, creating a product backlog which will then be delivered in the form of a Product Roadmap.

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What if…

I’m a start-up business with ideas for a digital revenue stream

Test your ideas and unlock endless possibilities

Working together, discussing an array of current and new ideas suiting to your start-up company; we enjoy bringing ideas to life, but will they really work? To develop a revenue model idea, you really must watch people interact with it. That’s why in our initial phase we get to the bottom of your aims and offer a solution by observing real behaviour.

As an understanding and flexible partner, we understand being a start-up business and there our passion in helping you succeed quicker will shine. Thanks to the numerous opportunities of digital innovation, we can transform existing and new processes, not only going beyond cost reduction but deliver superior customer experiences.

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My business is established but needs to innovate

Stay ahead of the rest and drive efficiency

To a successful corporate digital innovation method, you simply need an effective way to test ideas but bearing in mind the effectivity towards its business benefit. As a lot of innovation will be presented through discussions and a prototype, we will quickly wrap the project up doing so through our product roadmap development. But keeping your objectives, needs and goals in mind the design is made to better your business – proving it works.

Differentiate yourself from competitors and give customers the best user experience with us.

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A prototype needs creating for my ideas

Your thoughts become your reality, literally.

Reducing uncertainty, we can demonstrate ideas in forms of samples to really test, it will benefit your business. We believe providing you with a great protype that showcases what the end product will be is the best way to bring your idea to life.

Being in this industry, we know customers can say what they want but then find out it is very different to what they actually need. Therefore, we discuss every small detail of your daily processes and advise you on the best way to develop the prototype. Although, if you’re not ready we can support more on discovery phases, digging deeper into what your product’s needs are.

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I need to build a new software application to help run the business

You need it, we’ll build it

Knowing exactly what you want - we can engineer your software to be a high-performance engine, helping your business move forwards more efficiently.be more efficient. Knowing that everyday your system will be responsive and will connet with all your departments; we ensure its scalable, flexible and grows to respond to challenges.

What do you want your software to do? Good software begins with good plan entailing exactly how it will help run the business. By communicating with key stakeholders during our Discover stage, we can ensure project success. Once a detailed plan and prototype test is in place, you’ll be more than confident in the software build by Nano Corporation.

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I need support from you to work alongside our team

Collaboration is key…

You might be steps away from completing a project but don’t have the time or resources. Whatever your reason, if you need some additional expertise, we can help. Consider us apart of your in-house team: we will plan and manage your project together but more importantly keeping your costs at a minimum. After years of experience our collaboration and communication skills have improved more than ever with our clients.

Thanks to flexibility, you can have an international professional team at hand only and when you need it, in-house or out-house. Previous clients have said teamwork is simply more effective and together communication sharply delivers a project to its completion, successfully.

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There are challenges and I need help getting started

Embark on the future of digital innovation solutions

Starting anything new and this important can be worrying, so make sure you start it the right way. Investing in planning time for your project is crucial to identifying the size of the project, costs and timescales. Working together will give us time to be aware of anything that might block us, meaning when starting the project, it will run smoothly and continuous. So, whatever the challenge, there will always be a solution.

Having helped a lot of both start-up and established companies in early stages of a project, we not only help with planning but we then follow-through in creating and optimising it.

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I want you to be in charge entirely of the digital project

The world is in your hands

You understand your business challenges and we understand the software, and that’s how it’ll stay. Don’t worry about any technical details, we’ll handle all of that and can present it in more simpler terms. As a reliable partner, we will deliver and support you weekly on time and in budget.

By explaining your needs, we can design the right system for you, implement it into your daily work and support it whenever you need. Be at ease knowing we’ll take control of the digital solution, creating the magic whilst you focus on the business. The team will let you know the plan, how much it will cost and how long it will take to move on to the ‘Create’ stage.

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last step

Start a conversation with your ideas

We now have a deeper understanding of your needs and an idea of the minimum viable product, it’s time to put it all together as a prototype somebody could test and use. From idea to prototype, by presenting demos along the way users and the team can iterate on changes and ways which will benefit massively in the long run.

We believe representation, precision and functionality of the prototype are the most important and we put the most thought into perfecting it.

We will gather your honest feedback and provide support weekly to further improve the product; this ensures that it focuses and qualifies to your business needs. After final approval, we can then move onto the ‘Create’ & ‘Optimise’ stage.

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the next step

What lacks, we’ll create

Once understanding key problems, we’ll suggest new ways of improving methods and internal operations to meet business goals.

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